Friday, 8 December 2017

All about me!!

This is a post that is all about me at school like what I enjoy about school. I tried making it as cool as possible I hope you like it.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Writing goals !

This week we had to do some writing goals we want to work on to improve on throughout the the year and for next year so I can get a better grade for next year.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Weekly plenary!

This is what i have been learning this week. This week in my plenary i have been learning  three new areas in reading,maths and writing. In maths we have been learning bedmas. In writing i am learning how to write a narrative. And in reading i am learning to identify the parts of a narrative by reading a book

Friday, 27 October 2017

Jean Batten !!

These are some fact on jean batten here is one fact i am going to write that i didn't put on my post here real name is Jane. Hope you like my post about jean batten.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Facts on Edmund Hillary

This week i was set on a task to find facts on Edmund Hillary. Edmund Hillary has heaps of facts based on him. Sir Edmund Hillary was a cool person on what i had searched up. Facts on Edmund Hillary.

What I've been up to :)

This is what we have been doing this week in reading writing and maths it is also things i need to keep working on and things i think i have done well at. I'm also saying how my attitude was during this week.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Te reo game!!

If you need a game come on over to my blog and look at my diagram on how to play and read the rules.

Friday, 8 September 2017

learn about dolphins.


Have you ever wondered the lifecycle of a dolphin? Dolphins are lovely beautiful sea creatures. Also knowing that some people say that dolphins are more intelligent than humans. They also live up to 40 members and even some larger pods like a schools or herds.

Firstly when an adult dolphin gives birth to live young and suckle( feed their babies using breast or a treat. Also while they are very young they are super strong swimmers immediately. They dolphins also gets nursed for about 1 and a half to 2 years long.

Secondly when they are about 6 months old they can slowly start sncking on seafood, which consists of mainly fish and crustaceans. Also dolphins stays in care with their mothers around 3-8 years.

Thirdly when the dolphin reaches to the age of a puberty, from 3-8 years of age, they start trying to find a mate for themselves. They then start mating period in the spring and the autumn time. When they have finally found the mate for them they have a baby together. They can also live for about 30 years on.

Finally dolphins also have a very sociable life and are very very intelligent sea animals. When dolphins are adults they learn the art of hunting in packs together. They also often start to take off schools of small fish.

So in this explanation i have talked about the life cycle of a dolphin. These dolphins are almost as intelligent as a human are. Dolphins can live around upto 55-60 years. Dolphins are very very intelligent animals that can do quite a lot of tricks.

We got to pick our own topic to write about and i picked dolphins because they are cool intelligent animals and cool looking ones
Hope you like it.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

The life cycle of a cicada!


Have you ever wondered what a lifecycle of a cicada is? Cicadas are most probably best known for buzzing and clicking noises because of how loud it is. Also sometimes cicadas can be heard from about a mile away.

Firstly After a female cicada  and male cicada finish mating the female lays her eggs on plant tissue. Depending on which species it is these may  be laid in herringbone cuts on  twigs as well as branches. After mating, the female lays her eggs on plant tissues using a sword-like ovipositor.

Secondly the wingless cream coloured nymphs break out from their eggs with two claws and four smaller legs. After it hatches, a cicada’s first years are spent as a nymph. With claw-like forelegs they burrow deep into the ground, where they stay for several years.

Next as the nymphs grow they usually shed their skins usually going through five stages known as the instars. As the nymphs grow they shed their skins, usually going through five stages. The cicadas emerged from years underground to become adults called imago.

Lastly as a nymph reaches maturity it burrows upwards until it is near the surface. Then it emerges from the ground under the cover as darkness. The shocking moment when a cicada breaks through its creepy larva shell to emerge as a fully-grown vivid green adult, has been captured by a photographer.

In this explanation i have gathered information on a cicada about its life cycle. I have learnt heaps from gathering information and putting them into my own words. That stages of a cicada is eggs nymphs metamorphis and last but not least an adult. The life span of a cicada is longer underground then it is above ground.
We have been doing quite a lot of writing and this is the life cycle of a cicada.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Where does our rubbish go?

Where does our rubbish

Would you like our country to be a pile of dump? Our rubbish is a whole new world. We are wanting to recycle our rubbish so that our world doesn't  become a pile of dump and we would not want to be a dirty country. We can keep our country clean if we recycle our rubbish.

Firstly we put our rubbish into separated bins which is landfill and recycling. Once it gets into the bins it goes into the recycling truck. We should also all be recycling our rubbish.

Secondly the dump truck comes to pick it up from in the rubbish bin and tips it into the dump truck. Then it goes into the ground. It's also a very very deep hole.

Thirdly the dump truck goes to dump the rubbish into the hole. It then has to squish some down to make it fit. Then it goes to get buried. Sometimes rubbish gets burnt, buried or recycled at the dump and also the rubbish truck sometimes squishes it down it self. It can also get chucked down a pipe to go into the deep holes.

Lastly it gets buried and there is around 360 holes that are filled with land filled rubbish. Then the workers start digging more and more holes everyday that are very deep so that all the rubbish can fit. Also sometimes people can be walking over rubbish on fields and beaches.

So in this explanation I am talking about recycling rubbish. This is the life cycle of recycling rubbish (which you should be doing) so I am asure of yous to recycle. Recycle have a clean environment and country. Here is a couple of things to Remember Reduce, Recycle, Reuse.

This is a piece of explanation writing on recycling rubbish and the life cycle of it also on land fill rubbish. HOPE YOU ENJOY!!

Friday, 4 August 2017

Meteors & Meteorites

This is a presentation on Meteors and Meteorites We were finding information based on Meteors and Meteorites and it was quite hard to find some information because most of all the information was basically the same.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Learn more about babies!!

I have been learning about babies in technology and have been working on it for a while now. This is what have been doing for technology and what is my hobby and i picked babies because i have been helping my mum/sister  do my nephew.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Awesome stuff about hinaki and takakau!!

This is a project by me and my friends on what we have made the takakau was delicious. The hinaki was a success hope yous like mine and my friends project.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

About my book im reading!!

This week we have been doing a lot of things we are getting tested doing work by ourselves and we have been doing a lot on reading and maths to get ready for our test which is our maths and reading hope you like it.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Spicy peppers/chils and gummys!!

Through out this term we had to make a question and answer it. We have learnt what the spiciest chili/pepper is and we have also been trying to figure out what the spiciest gummy food is but there is actually a couple of spicy gummys. Hope you enjoy

Friday, 12 May 2017

My mothers day card!!

Today we have been making a Mothers day card on our Chromebooks and this is my Mothers day card to my mum. MY teacher has printed it so that i can give it to my Mum this weekend on Mothers day. Hope you guys like it

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

What I´ve been doing this term

I have been learning to :Choose a passion of mine that i do everyday and my passion is about babies the reason why i'm doing babies is because i do them everyday after school and theyŕe just cute and fun to play with.
The good part is :That i get to work alone and i won't be getting distracted from anybody and that i am finished my 90 second presentation and almost finished my diary and goals.
I can :Be shy at times but then again i'll try my best and present it in a nice way.
I need to :Be confident and get out my dark hole to spread my feelings about babies and let it out.

This is what i have been up to this term for technology and it has been fun doing my nephew.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Amazing Anzac project

For the last couple of weeks we have been working on this project we have been learning to write all of it into our own words, so that we stop copying and pasting acting like its our own work but really teachers can tell if its copied and pasted because you wont understand some words and they can go on to your history to check what you have been on.

Monday, 10 April 2017

My amazing found poem!!

This is my found poem it is about trying to get a little girl to sleep.

Should children have to swim at school

Would you like it if your child drowned?
Would you like to see your child drowned in that super deep water? You should be forcing your child to swim. Unless you want them to drown and be a person who stays inside all the time on their gadget while you're trying to force them to get outside and get some fresh air. Firstly they might drown and their might not be an adult or supervision  around. Secondly they´ll get better at swimming sports and might be able to win all their races. Finally your parents won't be needing to worry about you well you're in the pool having free time.

Firstly i agree because their might not be any supervision around while you're having fun swimming. You should never let your child to choose whether they want to swim or not. You should be forcing your child to swim other wise you want them to get darker then they are.Never ever let them choose what they want because they might not want to swim so they don't need to need to go to interschools.

Secondly they´ll get better and faster than they usually are. They also might be able to compete against your parents and win. They might even compete in the medley when they go to interschools. You child could also be one of the famous swimmers in new zealand and win all the races when they grow just as long as they believe in them self. Your child should be one of the confident children to be the best so they can give it their all.

Lastly your child might be swimming while their is no super vision around to help if they drown. Then if your parents wanted to go buy some food for yous then you want need to be worrying about how to swim. Never ever let your child there if they don't know how to swim you would always want to teach them how to swim all the wise. You should never let your child down or bail on them because then they will just feel like they're nothing to you.

The reason why i think that children should be swimming is because they might drown if we have free time swimming you might drown, if your child drowned what would you do. I think children should swim so they don´t drown if theirs no super vision around.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Should sun hats be compulsory

Should sun hats be  compulsory

Would you like it if your child got sun stroked or skin cancer?
Over 4000 people in New Zealand has had diagnosed with melanoma every year. 11 people a day gets melanoma so i recommend get your child to wear a sunhat. I agree that every single child in New Zealand should be wearing sunhats. Firstly because would you like it if one of these kids were yours and they got sun stroked. Secondly if one school has to wear hats every other school should be wearing hats.Finally we should just be wearing hats unless you want to get darker and diagnosed melanoma

Firstly I agree that we should have hats so that us kids won't need to be worrying about getting sun stroked. If you get sun stroked so bad you might even need to go to the hospital. If it's not as bad then you won't need to be rushing to the hospital. If you ever get sun stroked then you will be needing a lot of water to drink. If you don't get sun stroke then you won't need to be drinking a lot of water but there is one thing you still need to drink water either way even if you have a hat on.    

Secondly we won't be needing to moan about other schools that they don't have school hats. So if every single school has hats then we won't be needing to complain to the teachers about why other schools don't have hats. Sun hats should be compulsory at every school so children shouldn't have to say can't i just bring my own hat, the reason why they say no because other kids in the school would want to bring theirs if they have their own unless they buy another one. That's why i think sun hats should be compulsory
Lastly if you hate being darker than you are then you should be wearing your sun hats unless you just want to get darker then you are now that's just stupid. If you get darker you might you might even get diagnosed with melanoma and you'll regret that you didn't wear your sun hat. You might even end up going up to the hospital if it's that bad. So i recommend wear your sun hats and be a good student for you teachers.

This week we have been learning to be agreeing on our own opinion and let anyone get in our way. The reason why i agree that we should have hats is because you might get sun stroked,diagnosed with melanoma .

Friday, 17 March 2017

My animal poster

We have been learning to write facts in our own words instead of copying and pasting all the time. We are learning this so we can understand what it means.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Ruapekapeka pa trip

We had a noho marae which is when you stay at school for the night and go out to Ruapekapeka to find out some facts. We loved it there and enjoyed learning new things

We should have rubbish bins at school!!

We should have rubbish bins!!Image result for rubbish bins clipart
I strongly believe that we should have rubbish bins. Firstly so people stop leaving it on the GROUND. Secondly because we won't need to keep bringing our lunchboxes/Bags
.And my final reason is because people won’t put their rubbish in other students bags.

Firstly I agree that we should have rubbish bins because it's annoying having to pick up other kids mess and sometimes having to put there rubbish in our bags. I also hate it when people sits so close to you they leave the rubbish next to you then the teacher comes over and says pick up your rubbish now but really it wasn't even yours it just appears to be yours because yours right next to it. When they just leave it right next to you then it's your responsibility to pick it up because the teacher doesn't see whoś sitting next to you because they have to go check the other side if they littered then they come back and  tell you to pick rubbish up when it's not yours.

Secondly we won't need to keep bringing our bags out or lunch boxes. It gets so annoying having to bring it then you're going to have to leave it outside the door and who knows your lunch can get stolen or something. Or somebody can just go through your bag/lunchbox and chuck it all over the place. They can just steal something chuck it all over the place or do what if they want with it well we're all playing. Then at lunchtime you won't want to eat it because somebody's other stood in it or it's been socked from the rain i'm not sure but something will happen.

Lastly they won't be needing to hide our rubbish in each other's bag or pockets. Then we won't be needing to keep picking up rubbish from the ground or having to take rubbish home. Then we will be able to have more time to play at interval and lunchtime and we shouldn't be having to bring plastic bags to or any spare bag/lunchbox for our rubbish in our bags.

We have had so many task to complete this week and one of them was our writing the story was about if you disagree or agree to have rubbish bins at school. I think we should so people stop being lazy and take it to the rubbish bins


Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Who i am

Hi i am Roxy and this is me in 2017 
I am a student from kawakawa primary school. I am a student in room six I am 10 turning 11 and wanting to have a go at gymnastics. I also like playing netball and like to try new things this year my goals are to get into higher groups/levels and many more things.