Monday, 25 September 2017

Te reo game!!

If you need a game come on over to my blog and look at my diagram on how to play and read the rules.

Friday, 8 September 2017

learn about dolphins.


Have you ever wondered the lifecycle of a dolphin? Dolphins are lovely beautiful sea creatures. Also knowing that some people say that dolphins are more intelligent than humans. They also live up to 40 members and even some larger pods like a schools or herds.

Firstly when an adult dolphin gives birth to live young and suckle( feed their babies using breast or a treat. Also while they are very young they are super strong swimmers immediately. They dolphins also gets nursed for about 1 and a half to 2 years long.

Secondly when they are about 6 months old they can slowly start sncking on seafood, which consists of mainly fish and crustaceans. Also dolphins stays in care with their mothers around 3-8 years.

Thirdly when the dolphin reaches to the age of a puberty, from 3-8 years of age, they start trying to find a mate for themselves. They then start mating period in the spring and the autumn time. When they have finally found the mate for them they have a baby together. They can also live for about 30 years on.

Finally dolphins also have a very sociable life and are very very intelligent sea animals. When dolphins are adults they learn the art of hunting in packs together. They also often start to take off schools of small fish.

So in this explanation i have talked about the life cycle of a dolphin. These dolphins are almost as intelligent as a human are. Dolphins can live around upto 55-60 years. Dolphins are very very intelligent animals that can do quite a lot of tricks.

We got to pick our own topic to write about and i picked dolphins because they are cool intelligent animals and cool looking ones
Hope you like it.