Wednesday, 12 April 2017

What I´ve been doing this term

I have been learning to :Choose a passion of mine that i do everyday and my passion is about babies the reason why i'm doing babies is because i do them everyday after school and theyƕe just cute and fun to play with.
The good part is :That i get to work alone and i won't be getting distracted from anybody and that i am finished my 90 second presentation and almost finished my diary and goals.
I can :Be shy at times but then again i'll try my best and present it in a nice way.
I need to :Be confident and get out my dark hole to spread my feelings about babies and let it out.

This is what i have been up to this term for technology and it has been fun doing my nephew.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Amazing Anzac project

For the last couple of weeks we have been working on this project we have been learning to write all of it into our own words, so that we stop copying and pasting acting like its our own work but really teachers can tell if its copied and pasted because you wont understand some words and they can go on to your history to check what you have been on.

Monday, 10 April 2017

My amazing found poem!!

This is my found poem it is about trying to get a little girl to sleep.

Should children have to swim at school

Would you like it if your child drowned?
Would you like to see your child drowned in that super deep water? You should be forcing your child to swim. Unless you want them to drown and be a person who stays inside all the time on their gadget while you're trying to force them to get outside and get some fresh air. Firstly they might drown and their might not be an adult or supervision  around. Secondly they´ll get better at swimming sports and might be able to win all their races. Finally your parents won't be needing to worry about you well you're in the pool having free time.

Firstly i agree because their might not be any supervision around while you're having fun swimming. You should never let your child to choose whether they want to swim or not. You should be forcing your child to swim other wise you want them to get darker then they are.Never ever let them choose what they want because they might not want to swim so they don't need to need to go to interschools.

Secondly they´ll get better and faster than they usually are. They also might be able to compete against your parents and win. They might even compete in the medley when they go to interschools. You child could also be one of the famous swimmers in new zealand and win all the races when they grow just as long as they believe in them self. Your child should be one of the confident children to be the best so they can give it their all.

Lastly your child might be swimming while their is no super vision around to help if they drown. Then if your parents wanted to go buy some food for yous then you want need to be worrying about how to swim. Never ever let your child there if they don't know how to swim you would always want to teach them how to swim all the wise. You should never let your child down or bail on them because then they will just feel like they're nothing to you.

The reason why i think that children should be swimming is because they might drown if we have free time swimming you might drown, if your child drowned what would you do. I think children should swim so they don´t drown if theirs no super vision around.