Thursday, 31 August 2017

The life cycle of a cicada!


Have you ever wondered what a lifecycle of a cicada is? Cicadas are most probably best known for buzzing and clicking noises because of how loud it is. Also sometimes cicadas can be heard from about a mile away.

Firstly After a female cicada  and male cicada finish mating the female lays her eggs on plant tissue. Depending on which species it is these may  be laid in herringbone cuts on  twigs as well as branches. After mating, the female lays her eggs on plant tissues using a sword-like ovipositor.

Secondly the wingless cream coloured nymphs break out from their eggs with two claws and four smaller legs. After it hatches, a cicada’s first years are spent as a nymph. With claw-like forelegs they burrow deep into the ground, where they stay for several years.

Next as the nymphs grow they usually shed their skins usually going through five stages known as the instars. As the nymphs grow they shed their skins, usually going through five stages. The cicadas emerged from years underground to become adults called imago.

Lastly as a nymph reaches maturity it burrows upwards until it is near the surface. Then it emerges from the ground under the cover as darkness. The shocking moment when a cicada breaks through its creepy larva shell to emerge as a fully-grown vivid green adult, has been captured by a photographer.

In this explanation i have gathered information on a cicada about its life cycle. I have learnt heaps from gathering information and putting them into my own words. That stages of a cicada is eggs nymphs metamorphis and last but not least an adult. The life span of a cicada is longer underground then it is above ground.
We have been doing quite a lot of writing and this is the life cycle of a cicada.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Where does our rubbish go?

Where does our rubbish

Would you like our country to be a pile of dump? Our rubbish is a whole new world. We are wanting to recycle our rubbish so that our world doesn't  become a pile of dump and we would not want to be a dirty country. We can keep our country clean if we recycle our rubbish.

Firstly we put our rubbish into separated bins which is landfill and recycling. Once it gets into the bins it goes into the recycling truck. We should also all be recycling our rubbish.

Secondly the dump truck comes to pick it up from in the rubbish bin and tips it into the dump truck. Then it goes into the ground. It's also a very very deep hole.

Thirdly the dump truck goes to dump the rubbish into the hole. It then has to squish some down to make it fit. Then it goes to get buried. Sometimes rubbish gets burnt, buried or recycled at the dump and also the rubbish truck sometimes squishes it down it self. It can also get chucked down a pipe to go into the deep holes.

Lastly it gets buried and there is around 360 holes that are filled with land filled rubbish. Then the workers start digging more and more holes everyday that are very deep so that all the rubbish can fit. Also sometimes people can be walking over rubbish on fields and beaches.

So in this explanation I am talking about recycling rubbish. This is the life cycle of recycling rubbish (which you should be doing) so I am asure of yous to recycle. Recycle have a clean environment and country. Here is a couple of things to Remember Reduce, Recycle, Reuse.

This is a piece of explanation writing on recycling rubbish and the life cycle of it also on land fill rubbish. HOPE YOU ENJOY!!

Friday, 4 August 2017

Meteors & Meteorites

This is a presentation on Meteors and Meteorites We were finding information based on Meteors and Meteorites and it was quite hard to find some information because most of all the information was basically the same.